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What are we about?

Icing Smiles, Bahamas is an arm of the Treazure Tiffany Hope Foundation that celebrate the birthday of our children.  Birthdays are special and we are intentional in our celebration of our children and any milestone they achieve.   This new initiative will certainly put smiles on the faces of children by making a custom-made cake, or cup cake, that they would select for their birthday.  It is our desire that this will provide a temporary escape from worry and create a positive memory for them, and by extension their entire family.

Icing Smiles, Bahamas will offer many types of Cakes and many flavors that the children will be able to choose from such as German chocolate, Pina Colada, Pound cake, Cheesecake, Character cakes, cup cakes.  Children will also get to choose the color of the cake, and decide if they would want a character or image of themselves on the cake.

Once the child's parent contact us that their child's birthday is coming, giving us at least a two-week notice, we then canvass our volunteer bakers and connect them with the child and/or parent in the event they are any special requests.

Colorful Macaroons

Application Process

Apply online by selecting the contact page or by telephone which will give more specifics as to the child’s birthday cake wishes.  We will need the following information from each child:

Child's name and age, date of birth, diagnosis, date of diagnosis, parents' name, email address, home address, telephone contact, date of celebration, location of the celebration,  dietary restrictions, contact info for whom are we to communicate with.

Applications for a cake request would need to be done at least 2 weeks in advance.  

We kindly request a picture of the cake and child for our website.


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